Types of Cloaking that can be done
with LuckyCloaker

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Redirect Cloaking

Spiders get to see your safe page and your users get redirected to your target landig page.

No-Redirect Cloaking

Without redirecting the users, they get to see the real landing page while the spiders get to see the safe page.

Onpage Element Cloaking

LuckyCloaker blocks spiders from watching ads/popups while users get to see them on your page. This way, spiders think your site is free of ads.

Referrer Spoof

Like the Redirect Cloak, this way you can show your redirected page that traffic is coming from a totally different site, usually a safe site.

Server Response

Our internal tests have provided an average of a 150ms response time. Extremely fast with 99.9% uptime

Cloud Service

Get local files which connect to our server. Minimal resources needed. Our servers do the heavy job.

LuckyCloaker is for SEO

Rank your AI blogs and redirect all of your traffic to your safe site. No more bans from ad networks for using AI content!

Show Spiders your AI content!

Then send your real users to your real landing page with real content and ready to convert!


LuckyCloaker isn't fooled by simple disguises!

LuckyCloaker is for Ads

Stop getting banned while trying to pay for Ads!

Show Google/Bing a family-friendly site

But show your users your real landing page even if it's a non-approved niche by the Ad Network!

Lucky Mask

With LuckyCloaker, Google & Bing will never see your REAL target sites.

Cloud Service

All the magic happens in our dedicated servers. Your site gets to work flawlessly and fast as lightning.

Pricing Plans

Cloaking doesn't have to be extremely expensive!
Get our Lifetime package and get lifetime updates!

Time tracking

1 Month
$100 USD
1 Year
$200 USD
$350 USD
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Clicks
Unlimited Domains
Spoof Referer
Google Cloaker
Google Ads Cloaker
Microsoft Bing Cloaker
Microsoft Advertising Cloaker
IPV4 Support
IPV6 Support
Redirect Cloaking
No-redirect Cloaking
Cloak page elements

Blocking known threats
all around the globe!

With our own AI technology, we are able to stop known and unknown threats from entering your website.


How LuckyCloaker Works!

The ways that LuckyCloaker helps you cloak your website.

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